Notations are based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Distributorsibkin tools administration office
Representative nameTakeshi Shibuki
Locationzip 2300051
#203 2-4-11 Tsurumichuo Tsurumi-ku Yokohama Kanagawa, Japan
InquiryPlease contact us from the inquiry form on the site.
Selling priceIt will be displayed on the screen during the purchase procedure.
Payment methodVarious credit cards
How to purchase productsYou can apply for a subscription from each product page on this site.
When it will be availableWithin 24 hours of applying for a subscription
Return / CancelDue to the nature of the product, refunds and returns are not possible after purchasing the subscription.
Please check the functions and usage environment in advance before applying for a subscription.
Special conditions1. Cooling off
None of the products handled on this site are services to which the cooling-off stipulated in the Specified Commercial Transactions Law is applied.
2. Precautions for subscription method
Even if the contract is canceled in the middle of the contract period, charges will be incurred until the contract expiration date, and no refunds will be made, including refunds due to daily payment. In this case, the service will also be provided until the contract expiration date.